Managing Gender Pay Gap Communications


Managing Gender Pay Gap Communications

Gender equality issues are at the top of the media agenda right now. It is perhaps unsurprising therefore that as gender pay gap data is published it is being pulled into this debate. By the 4 April 2018 all UK employers with more than 250 staff will have to publish gender pay gap data for the first time, on their own websites and within a Government portal. There are around 9,000 organisations in the UK that have to publish this data and the majority look set to do so closer to the deadline.

For organisations publishing this data there are a number of considerations, not least what the data itself shows:

  • How will our data be viewed by the external audience? Will it have an impact on our brand/reputation?
  • How will our data be viewed by the internal audience? Will it impact staff morale, retention rates, annual pay and bonus reviews?
  • How will our data be viewed by investors? Particularly against commitments by big investors to Boardroom diversity?
  • For financial services firms, how will data reflect against commitments that may have been made such as the Women in Finance Charter, the 30% Club and Boardroom diversity?
  • How will this data impact upon our ability to attract talent? Is there a need to address our employment process and/or culture?
  • How will the media report on our data? If at all?

At this event we will consider the emotive impact of the data and the likely media reaction to it. How organisations can use communications effectively to address the potential issues that it raises and what really matters.

About the speaker

Karen Wagg, Director, Financial Services at Redleaf, is a marketing communications and financial services specialist. Working in-house and in-agency since 1999, she has a depth of industry knowledge, providing senior counsel for organisations that include the PPF, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, New Star, Charles Stanley, the IA and She understands the audiences and regulatory environment that’s unique to financial organisations.

Event details

Thursday 22 March 2018

8.00 - 8.30am Registration and networking over a light breakfast

8.30 - 9.30am Seminar: Managing Gender Pay Gap Communications


Sky Light City Tower

50 Basinghall Street


EC2V 5DE (Google Maps link)

Please RSVP to this email or confirm with Vanessa Chance on 020 3757 6874.